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Freeze Dryer

Sterile injection/Non- sterile API - Freeze dryer

Standard CIP and SIP can be matched with automatic loading and unloading system,usable shelf area: 0.5-100m2 with Shelf spacing: 100mm...


Laboratory Freeze Dryer (FD-0.2~~FD-1 m2)

Laboratory freeze dryer has been widely used by laboratories and R & D enterprises due to its feature of compact structure, convenient move and easy maintenance. Laboratory freeze drying system combines filling machine, freeze dryer and barrier properly which can produce GMP qualified aseptic injection under D level background.

The following qualities are very important in selecting the most suitable laboratory freeze dryer.


Pilot & Industrial Freeze Dryer (FD-2~~FD-50 m2)


Pilot freeze dryer is mainly used for clinic approval. It is a module between laboratory one and industrial one which take a good advantage of both.

Large scale one has following features: Perfect function, flexible capacity, big data centralized management and energy consumption management to reduce cost.

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