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Solution Preparation System

Sterile injection: solution preparation system

  • Heating and cooling can be done via vertical double layer design, inside surface is treated by electrical polishing to reduce liquid resistance and improve cleaning, reduce production cost, outside surface is mat treated.
  • The material which contact with liquid is SS316L.
  • Magnetic stirrer, reduce risk of solution pollution.
  • Pneumatic bottom valve, completely solve the problem of residual.
  • Feed water , back flow, sterilization, spray ball, manhole and vent filter are considered from the top of the tank.
  • The condensate water, material output, drain, sampling , temperature sensor and level sensor are considered from the tank bottom.
  • Integrated management system, one button start, automatic cleaning , sterilization and critical parameter generate and record.
  • Mechanical and electrical integration, humanized HMI can achieve data record, process monitoring and abnormal warning , in compliance with cGMP, FDA standard.
  • Production data can be set, calculated, amended, diagnostic alarm setting , saved and printed according to the requirement.
  • Process data is traceable.