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Lyo-ed Tablet

Lyo-ed tablet


ODT Tech advantage

  • Fast disintegration within 10 seconds
  • Fast absorb by patient
  • Suitable for Swallowing problem patient
  • Reduce toxical side effects

Manufacturing process


Reference- ODT and vial


The Leading Lyo Ed Tablet Machine Supplier in India

Shanghai Pinsch Mechanical Engieering Co Ltd. supplies a series of equipment useful for the pharmaceutical industry, and the Lyo Ed tablet machine is one among them. It is an advanced machine used to increase the volume of the production of tablets. As the leading Lyo Ed tablet machine supplier, we have a large client base in India. The quality, efficiency and reliability of our products are the best in the industry.Our products and services will help you to succeed in your business within a short duration. We also excel as the leading supplier of freeze dryer machine. Contact us now to order the products that you require.