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Portable VHP sterilization equipment

Portable VHP Sterilization Equipment

Hydrogen peroxide vapor has a strong sterilizing capability. It can release free radical to thoroughly kill cell. Hydrogen peroxide vapor sterilization is high level and can thoroughly kill bacterium, spore, epiphyte, mildew and virus.

Hydrogen peroxide vapor sterilizer can produce hydrogen peroxide vapor, and use hydrogen peroxide vapor to effectively sterilize for production.


Hydrogen peroxide vapor sterilizer has had a thoroughly change on sterilization principle and sterilization type than others. It is a safe, credible and new sterilization equipment.

Hydrogen peroxide vapor sterilizer applies to medical institution, biomedicine company, biology laboratory of the research institute

SN Content Parameters description
1 Applications Clean room of pharmaceutical factory
P2/P3 biological laboratory350×200×250 mm
2 Overall Height 350mm
3 Overall width 200mm
4 Overall depth 250mm
5 Overall weight 10 Kg
6 Working temperature 15℃~30℃
7 Storage temperature -15℃~50℃
8 Working humidity ≤70%
9 Storage humidity ≤80%
10 Max capacity of liquid H2O2 500 ml
11 Concentration of liquid H2O2 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide
12 Operation mode Panel Computer
13 Purifyingcapacity ≤500 m3 (approx.)

Portable VHP Sterilization Machine from Shanghai Pinsch Mechanical Engieering Co Ltd.

At Shanghai Pinsch Mechanical Engieering Co Ltd., we are dedicated to manufacturing and supplying portable VHP sterilization equipment in India. Our production of VHP sterilization machine is mainly aimed to free you up and concentrate on your vital work in the pharmaceutical, microbiological, or cosmetic industries. As part of this commitment, we offer VHP sterilization passbox at a competitive price.

Potable VHP sterilization is the most effective and convenient equipment to decontaminate all types of lab machine and equipment. VHP sterilization of your lab equipment will increase their durability and effectiveness. The quality, efficiency and reliability of our VHP sterilization unit are the best in the industry.

Supplying a portable VHP sterilization machine with an extended warranty, we establish a strong relationship with all our customers. Our after-sales team will contact you at regular intervals to monitor the performance of our products and collect your feedback. In case of any eventualities, we provide on-time service at your convenience. We also supply pharmaceutical vial filling machine suitable to increase your production at a large scale. Our product portfolio is very large and contact us now to know them and order your required products.